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General Relief (GR) is a County-funded program that provides financial assistance to indigent adults who are ineligible for federal or State programs. An average GR case consists of one person, living alone, with no income or resources.

The GR caseload includes the following employability status classifications:

  • Employables are participants with minor restrictions or no medical conditions that would prevent employment. GR employables may receive GR for nine months in a 12-month period, provided they continue to comply with GROW requirements.

  • Temporary Unemployables are participants who have one or more medical conditions affecting their ability to work and their condition will last less than 12 months.  GR benefits are not time limited for unemployables.

  • Permanent Unemployables are participants who have one or more medical conditions affecting their ability to work, may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and their condition will last more than 12 months or is terminal.  GR benefits are not time limited for unemployables.

  • Unemployable Volunteers are assigned to individuals who are unemployable (temporary or permanent), but volunteer to participate in GROW.
  • NSA means Need Special Assistance and is the identification of individuals who need special assistance due to a mental disability.
  • Administratively Unemployable means there are reasons other than physical or mental incapacity which prevents the individual from finding, accepting or continuing existing employment.
The General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) program offers employment and training services to employables and is designed to help GR participants obtain jobs and achieve self-sufficiency. Substance abuse treatment is also available if necessary.

Your Benefits Now Logo To apply for General Relief benefits, please print and complete the PDF application.  You will need to bring the application to the nearest General Relief District Office to apply.  To schedule an appointment to turn in your NEW application, click on the Make an Appointment link below.
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If you have physical, mental, or other serious conditions that make it hard for you to apply for benefits or get services, please call:
(844) 586-5550 (Voice)
Office hours: Mon to Fri, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(800) 855-7100 (TTY California Relay)

For general questions about the General Relief Program, please call our customer service center,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

(866) 613-3777 (Automated System)
(800) 855-7100 (TTY California Relay)

Click on Americans with Disabilities Act for additional information.

Click on General Relief Policy to view the pdf document


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